Grate furnace designer & manufacturer
for high LHV waste
1985 since
Revamping & Maintenance For
all furnaces and fuel types
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We offer
Trouble free operation
in optimum time
Quick part replacement In stock more than 5000 Molded parts

Grate bars, protection shells, dust collector cones, ash extractor chains, feeding wormscerews, extractor wear protective plates, soot blowing lances
are compatible with all brands of grate
furnaces in the world market.

Each year we supply 1500 tons ( over 100 k pieces) of grate bars and spare parts
Ready parts ( OEM )
in stock (1 - 3 days)
by order (2.5 months)
Make or
New technology implementation Combustion optimization up
15% Possible

Saretco patented compression system helps
to increase the yield of incineration furnaces
up to 15%, moving your waste management
to the next level.

Learn more about SAR3s or ask Saretco R&D team to find out more about the grate system
Saretco patent system
in stock (1 - 3 days)
by order (5 - 6 months)
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of SARETCO innovation
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