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Grate bars manufacturing

Manufacturing of combustion grates and grate bars for incineration and biomass boilers by meeting high quality standards.

Saretco is a French engineering company that specializes in combustion optimization, engineering, manufacturing and supply of combustion grates and grate bars for all fuel types and furnaces for Waste-To-Energy (WTE) plants over 35 years. Saretco has its own metallurgy foundry for casting parts manufacturing.

  • We invest in manufacturing of grate bars of most common brands and keep them in our stock for quick service
  • Our engineers have developed series of patented products that are used by biggest plants in the European and worldwide markets
  • We do maintenance and renovation for all types of furnaces

Our engineering department studies and develops parts with innovative designs and suitable materials based on the operator’s feedback.

grate bars
Incineration grate bars
biomass grate bars

Dusting cone


Types of grate bars

70% of the company’s turnover is the work associated with the waste incineration plants of the following brands

  • Martin incinerators
  • Steinmuller Babcock Environment
  • Babcock & Wilcox

We are able to proceed fast orders – over 5000 spare parts references in stock, for all types of furnaces or boilers.

Brands we work with:


  • ABB Horizontal grate
  • Martin Reverse-acting grate Vario
  • Martin  Reverse-acting grate SITY 2000

Steinmuller Babcock Environment

  • Babcock Borsig (Noell/K+K)
  • Babcock Borsig (Steinmüller)
  • Babcock Borsig (VKW)

B&W Vølund

  • DynaGrate® – previously named BS teknik
  • Vølund combustion grate

Keppel Seghers

  • Keppel Seghers Air-Cooled Grate

Hitachi Zosen Inova

  • Von Roll



water cooled grate bars  IMG_1046injection for boilers fonderie-sable

Optimal quality

Our technicians are in charge to verify the grate bars quality and assembly before and after foundries manufacturing… And if your parts are not in stock? We are able to design and making special parts in a quantity to suit your needs.

IMG_1036  ready to supply grate bars IMG_1043

Fast delivery

The shipping’s logistics of parts is follow by our experts and the maintenance of your furnaces is programmed by you case of your plants stay disabled on less time.

 More than 4500 spare parts and articles available at our plant in Europe! It Allows us to troubleshoot in an optimal time.