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Who are we ?

We have 35 years of experience with european standard in grate bar manufacturing. André SIMPER is the president and the founder of  BIOPALE ENGINEERING & CIP

We are experienced in supply of wear parts and replacement since 1990 and we also do design bar incinerator ,design of grate bars ,revamping subsets.

We designs,manufactures and provides maintenance grate of incineration furnace since 1985. TEAM SARETCO has extensive experience in the use of corrosion resistant, abrasion and oxidation at high temperatures super-alloys .EXPERTISE SARETCO based on the expertise of more than 196 incineration of all types of furnaces and combustible sites. EQUIPMENT SARETCO is tested and validated by testing in real conditions,in partnership with major contractors in the European market (SITA suez,DONG ENERGY,VEOLIA…). The Constant innovation is based on a very strong presence of our field engineers,and pushed with operators exchanges.

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